Prices / Course Rules

By using the pitch you accept the pitch rules listed here.

If the reception is not open, please choose a free parking space that corresponds to the dimensions of your vehicle.

Afterwards you can join the Opening hours: Mo. – Fr. 15:00 – 18:00 Uhr, Samstag 11.00 – 12.00 Uhr und abends, Sonntag and on Feiertagen gegen 11.00 Uhr and in the evening or register by telephone arrangement.

You pay the following all-inclusive prices (pitch fee, etc.) directly upon arrival per:

  • Bar- und Kartenzahlung an der Rezeption (im Gebäude),
  • PayPal QR-Code ( Paypal: )
  • Cash register of trust,

Package prices with overnight stay per 24 hours or part thereof, starting daily at 11:00 a.m. (with latest departure on the following day at 10:59 a.m.):

  • 25,00 Euro – Wohnmobil bis 8 m
  • 35,00 Euro – Wohnmobil über 8 m auf einem der drei gekennzeichneten Einzel-Stellplätze
  • 50,00 Euro – Wohnmobil über 8 m insofern mehr als 1 Stellplatz belegt wird

Daily price (without overnight stay) from 11 a.m. with latest departure at 5 p.m.:

  • 15,00 Euro – Wohnmobil bis 8 m
  • 20,00 Euro – Wohnmobil über 8 auf einem der drei gekennzeichneten Einzel-Stellplätze
  • 30,00 Euro – Wohnmobil über 8 m insofern mehr als 1 Stellplatz belegt wird

Die genannten Pauschalpreise enthalten die Stellplatzgebühr (unabhängig der Personenanzahl, Haustieranzahl), die Entsorgung von Kassette/ Chemie WC, Grauwasser und Restmüll und W- LAN.

Die Preise sind inklusive der von der Stadt Leipzig erhobenen Beherbergungssteuer. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: Beherbergungssteuer Stadt Leipzig

Strombereitstellungskosten über den Münzautomaten 1,00 € / kWh

Wasserbereitstellungskosten über den Münzautomaten 0,20 € / ca. 10 Liter

Events: In case of events (concerts, etc.) or seasonal specialties we reserve the right to charge a separate pitch fee zu erheben.

Maximum stay: 10 Days

Trash: Please do not leave / hang your garbage on the pitch and not on your camper (Crow problem !). Dispose of the waste directly in the black residual waste garbage cans provided for this purpose in the area of the rainwater garbage can.

Cassettes / Chemical WC: Entleerung über den silbernen Rohrabfluss und nachspülen mit dem bereitgestellten Regenwasser (gelber Schlauch).

Grey water: Drain is located next to the cassette disposal via the tapered bottom drain.


Service numbers:

  • Taxi central: 0341 – 4884
  • Police station Leipzig-North: 0341 – 59350
  • Emergency medical service - urgent medical home visits: 0341 – 19292

Connection to Leipzig city center and the zoo - both just 1,9 km

  • On On foot in about 20 minutes
  • mit dem Fahrrad ca. 8 Minuten
  • On Streetcar: in about 5min on foot to Streetcar station: Apelstraße (direction Connewitz) → two stops to the main station = Short-haul ticket

Course Rules:

By using the pitch you accept the pitch rules listed here:

With the use of the place, you agree to the adjacent place rules.

Terms and conditions and court rules

Liability: The use of the parking spaces and traffic routes and facilities on the camper site is at the user's own risk. The campsite operator and property owner, hereinafter referred to as the operator, assumes no liability for natural hazards caused by water, wind or storm, lightning or fire. Furthermore, the operator assumes no liability for overvoltage damage, for example due to lightning. The user is liable to the operator for all property damage and personal injury caused by the use of the mobile home site.

He exempts the operator from any liability claims of third parties for damages arising in connection with the use of the mobile home site, e.g. theft, loss, damage, etc. . For his part, the user waives his own liability claims against the operator and in the event of his own claim to the assertion of recourse against the operator.

Entering and driving: Entering or driving in closed areas is prohibited. Road traffic regulations and a maximum speed of 7 km/h apply on the pitch. Please be considerate of other road users. Pedestrians have priority over vehicles of all kinds on the entire parking lot. When reversing, please have a suitable person instruct you. Unnecessary driving around on the parking space is prohibited.

Floor space: Please use a parking space that corresponds to the size of your motorhome. Please note that a higher fee will be charged for the parking space of 8 meters or more. It is not allowed to keep parking spaces free.

Order: Order and cleanliness are the duty of all users. All facilities and equipment are to be treated with care.

Fireplaces: Open fire, barbecue, etc. are not allowed on the camper site.

Winter service: In winter, the operator is responsible for clearing and gritting the unoccupied parking spaces and the traffic routes to the parking spaces between 9:00 and 17:00. The respective users are responsible for clearing the occupied parking spaces. Clearing equipment and grit can be obtained at the reception. The use of not cleared and / or gritted areas is prohibited and happens at your own risk.

Use of technical equipment: The use of damaged equipment is not permitted. Damage must be reported immediately to the operator so that he can take remedial action. We ask you to leave all technical facilities of the site after use as you like to find them yourself. The discharge of waste water containing non-biodegradable chemicals is not allowed. We ask you to refrain from adding chemicals altogether during your stay.

Waste disposal: The black residual waste garbage cans are to be used or handed over to the pitch operator.

Dogs: Dogs are to be kept on a leash on the pitch area. Please make sure that your neighbors do not feel disturbed by your pet. Dog excrement must be removed immediately by the pet owner.

Settlement: You pay the aforementioned all-inclusive prices (pitch fee etc.) directly upon arrival

in cash at the reception (in the building), by trusted cashier, PayPal or bank transfer.

Departure: The place must be left in a clean condition after use. On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the place by 11 am. If you want to stay a little longer, talk to us, we will find a pleasant solution.

Home Rule: The operator Mr. Boje Martens and his control staff exercise the domiciliary rights on the pitch.

Violations or non-payment of the daily flat rate / parking fee will be enforced with a penalty for disturbance of possession, contractual penalty, etc. in the amount of a lump sum of 100.00 euros plus all other costs incurred, e.g. owner determination, attorney fees, etc., against the user and / or the vehicle owner. In addition, an expulsion can be pronounced. This does not give rise to any claims for compensation or damages.

Events: For events we reserve the right to charge a separate parking fee.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Leipzig !

For questions and suggestions please contact the operator Mr. Boje Martens, Haferkornstr. 3, 04129 Leipzig

Tel.: 01578 – 3490280 / E-Mail:

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